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Watershed Development

Karnataka Watershed Development Project

Client: Department for International Development / Government of India / Natural Resources International

Farming Systems support, TA core member: Liz Kiff (theNRgroup)

The Karnataka Watershed development project is located in the northern districts of Karnataka state, India. This is an area characterised by limited water resources for which there is increasing competition. In addition to piloting different institutional approaches to watershed development, KAWAD aims to improve the livelihoods of the inhabitants of three selected watersheds: Chinnahagari in Chitradurga district, Upparahalla in Bellary district and Doddahalla in Bijapur district. The total population and area of these three watersheds is around 100,000 and 45,000 ha respectively.

Rocky terrain that is characteristic of the watersheds

Technical support to participating NGOs, implementing agencies and KAWAD staff is provided by a team with expertise in water resource management, farming systems development and community development. Integrating initiatives involving these three aspects is an important remit of the team and so water use efficiency and the relevance for different household types are important assessment criteria for farming system interventions.
The farming systems support is helping the project identify, trial and evaluate options to diversify and increase subsistence production and income. Sericulture, floriculture, fruit and vegetable production are some of the new enterprises adopted and support is also given to participants for animal rearing, introduction of new crop varieties and kitchen gardening, including the cultivation of medicinal plants.

Community construction of an earthern dam for water storage
Amla (Embilica officinalis) orchard



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