the NR group development professionals     


Members of theNRgroup have extensive experience of tackling problems related to Rural Livelihoods and the Development of Natural Resources and are able to offer a wide range of specialist skills.

Particular expertise includes the following focal areas:

Farming systems
Community development
Livestock and pastoralism
Fisheries and aquaculture

Community Development

Agriculture and Farming systems

Water Resources Management

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Forest Management and Policy
Wildlife Conservation and Protected Areas
Coastal Resource Management
GIS and spatial analysis
Satellite Imagery and Remote Sensing
Monitoring, Evaluation, Project Review and Planning
Environmental Conservation and Protection
Impact Assessment and Environmental Monitoring
Ecological Footprints
Value Chains, and Innovation for Development

Training and Knowledge Transfer
also form important and integral components of many projects. Members of theNRgroup have
long-term experience of both formal and on-the-job training.

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Water resources
Forest management and policy
Protected areas



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