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Rwanda: Budgeting and Development of a Performance Management Plan (PMP)
for the Implementation of the Post Harvest Staple Crop Strategy
on behalf of MINAGRI (USAID Funded) January-September 2011

Paul Schoen

Budgeting and M&E:

The overall objective of this work was to develop a budgeted comprehensive action plan (USD 65 million), linked to a process with the Government of Rwanda covering all aspects of the Rwandan harvesting, post-harvest handling, and storage policy document.

This policy action plan was designed to provide detailed inputs and interventions primarily for the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources with the aim of reducing post-harvest losses and further develop the relevant staples value chains, based on the presently available draft policy paper.

The work involved the Design and Development of a Programme Management (PMP) and Monitoring Plan which would become the five year monitoring instrument for measuring the success for implementing the Strategy on Post Harvest activities for Government. This work involved field trips in Rwanda as well as desk based work in Kigali.



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