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Fisheries and Aquaculture

The role of the Ornamental Fish Trade in Supporting Livelihoods
Fishery products -working with small-scale producers
Strengthening Fisheries Products for Health: Fisheries product quality control in ACP/OCT countries
Asahan III Hydroelectric Power Project, Sumatera, Indonesia
Fisheries Products: Support to Competent Authorities in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands
Caspian Environment Programme: Sustainable Management of Caspian Fisheries
Romania: Training for staff of the Managing Authority for Rural Development and Fishery
Marine and Fisheries Sector Strategy Study, Indonesia
Detection of fish-borne trematodes
Fisheries and Ecology of Sondu-Miriu River, Western Kenya
Bangladesh Fourth Fisheries Project – GEF Component
Iwokrama: sustainable uses for natural resources in and around Iwokrama Reserve
SUPPLY CHAIN DEVELOPMENT COMPONENT (SCDC) within Phase 1 of the World Bank-funded National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) for HORTEX FOUNDATION, BANGLADESH

Aquaculture in Chi River,
Latrine built over fish pond,
Southern China
Odino Falls, Sondu-Miriu River, Kenya
Tilapia, Sondu-Miriu River & Lake Victoria
Western Kenya
Shoreline Set Bag Net, Bangladesh
Riverine Set Bag Net, Bangladesh
Peckoltia sabaji was one of the new fishes identified during a scientific survey of the Rupununi, Iwokrama
Fish farm for ‘live fish trade’, Indonesia
Some results from a regional research cruise in Iranian waters of the Caspian Sea, including a 2.3m specimen of Huso huso (bottom) - now increasingly rare
Canned fish is a major export market for some developing countries. Cooked tuna loins are prepared for canning
River Asahan, Sumatera, Indonesia  
Fish sampling in Namibia
Malawi: Rural markets can provide a vital source of high quality protein for local consumption   Malawi:
Small-scale processing can provide a high quality product
Catla catla   Pangasius hypophthalmus
Catla catla (catla)
Supply Chain Development: Bangladesh
  Pangasius hypophthalmus (cobbler)
Supply Chain Development: Bangladesh
Coral farming provides a viable livelihood for collectors. In this location in Bali, coral mining for construction destroyed the original reef but collectors now have a business farming shallow water corals   Ornamental fish collecting on the Rio Negro can involve the whole family.


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