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Agriculture and Farming Systems

Project design for Smallholder Livelihoods Development Project (SOLID)
in Maluku and North Maluku, Indonesia.

Client: International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Smallholder Livelihoods Development Project in Maluku and North Maluku.

Agriculture component design co-ordinator for team of three, responsible for structuring of community empowerment and prioritisation of marketing aspects. Liz Kiff – theNRgroup.

The proposed project design is in line with the policies and priorities of the Government of Indonesia for agricultural and rural development and rural poverty reduction as stated in the MTDP 2010 – 2014 and the strategic plans of the governments of the provinces and districts.

Three principles underlie the proposed design of the SOLID project i) participation and empowerment, ii) the efficient use of local resources, and iii) improvement of food security and reduction in poverty amongst the population in the targeted villages. By empowering local communities and improving their livelihoods, project activities can help prevent future community conflicts.

Other key elements of the proposed design for the SOLID project are as follows: 

The proposed activities will contribute to implementing the priorities of the local governments for agricultural and rural development and rural poverty reduction. As a result, the project will target the poor and especially the indigenous people and other marginalised groups in the villages in the target districts and sub-districts of the two provinces.

The project will complement and supplement the government’s priority programmes, including, inter alia, the National Programme for Community Empowerment (PNPM-Mandiri), Pengembangan Usaha Agribisnis Pedesaan (PUAP),  Desa Mandiri Pangan (DEMAPAN  - the Food Resilient Village Programme), Water Supply and Sanitation for Low Income Communities (WSSLIC), P2DTK: Accelerating Development Programme in Disadvantaged Regions, P2KPT: Development Programme in Integrated Production and GERNAS Kakao: Cacao Development Programme. 

Project investments will focus on:

(i) Capacity building, improving the skills and empowering local communities, farmers’ groups and their organisations  to  improve the productivity of food and estate crop production, livestock production and  to support  community forestry; 
(ii) Diversifying the sources of household food supply and adding value to food crops through local processing;
(iii) Improving post harvest handling, including local processing of crop and fishery/marine products to be marketed and facilitate linkages between producers and markets; and


Providing small-scale rural infrastructure to improve agricultural productivity with community participation, including farm access tracks, micro irrigation schemes, drying pads etc. 

Project design report (2011) available at:



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