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Skills and Experience of theNRgroup Members

Members of theNRgroup are able to contribute a wide range of skills and expertise towards creating practical solutions to today's natural resources management problems in a cost effective and timely manner.

Group members emphasise multidisciplinary team work whilst maintaining individual initiative, and have excellent communication skills.

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Members' CVs and pen-sketches
and summary of skills and experience
Geographic Experience of theNRgroup Members
Geographic Experience of theNRgroup Members

Fields of expertise include:

Climate Change: Impact, Mitigation and Adaptation Carbon Footprint Analysis Monitoring and Evaluation

Sustainable Agriculture, Farming Systems and Food Technology

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Environmental Assessment and Monitoring

Livestock and their keepers Remote Sensing Biodiversity, Agrobiodiversity,
Wildlife Conservation

Pests and Pesticides

Land Use Planning and
Land Evaluation

Value Chains, Food Security, Post Harvest Systems, and Marketing

Forest Resources Management and Governance

Decision Support Systems

Social & Economic Assessment, Livelihoods

Terrestrial Ecology

Information management
and Database development

Community Development, Participatory Appraisal and Dispute Resolution

Fisheries and
Water Resources Planning

Human Health and the Environment

Policy and Institutional Development

Water and Sanitation     Economic Development

Supported by skills in Project Development Research Programme Management


Training and Knowledge Transfer (Development, Delivery, Communication)

Forest Resources Management and Governance
Sustainable Forestry
Village Tree Nursery, Kenya
Stéphane Flasse Monitoring and mapping of forest cover & inventory, and forest fires. Decision support. Earth observation and GIS. Agronomist.

Timber resources
Forest in Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia

Elizabeth Kiff Farming systems, agroforestry, organic agriculture, participation and community development and community forestry.
John Jackson Harmonising productive forestry and conservation; woodfuel and NFWP; community involvement; training/extension; projects; Latin America.
Catherine Mackenzie Participatory forestry to generate benefits to communities from both timber and NTFPs and promote sustainable practices; participatory inventory, management plan preparation and implementation. M&E of forestry projects, including REDD+. Forest governance and policy development; illegal logging.

Sustainable Agriculture, Farming Systems and Food Technology
See also under: Livestock, Food Security, Post Harvest Systems, and Agrobiodiversity.

Smallholder agriculture

Ox-drawn plough in Zimbabwe

Elizabeth Kiff Farming systems, agroforestry, organic agriculture, participation and community development and community forestry.

Farming Systems
Illustrations for Development
Speckled Marran hen

Jalapeno Peppers

David Silverside Food technology and the meat industry, project development, monitoring and assessment.
Mark Ritchie

Farming Systems IPM and smallholder participatory crop management research and development, project development, implementation, monitoring and assessment, team leadership.

Stéphane Flasse Earth observation, monitoring and mapping, yield forecasting, irrigation monitoring, decision support, food security.
Jim Williams Adaptation to climate/change, soil physical and plant-water/irrigation requirements, land resource assessment.
Roger Bancroft

Post-harvest plant pathologist and technologist of agricultural and horticultural plant products. Participatory rural appraisal techniques to identify stakeholder needs in food supply chains. Contributions to capacity building of and network development between stakeholder groups.

Wyn Richards People centred agricultural development systems; inclusive concerns of farmers for food security and material and social benefits; strengthened involvement of associated value chain institutions in farming systems R&D.
Hannah Jaenicke

Agroforestry, horticulture, plant propagation, underutilized crops, community nursery development, food security, nutrition & health, recipe development from indigenous crops.

Sujit Patel

Analysis by laboratory procedures, implementation of GLP, knowledge of chromatographic techniques used to determine levels of residues, moisture content etc.

Carol Kerven Farming systems research in high rainfall tropics; pastoral livestock in semi-arid tropics, and high altitude temperate climates.
Anthony Pope Farming systems; conservation agriculture (CA); project development, implementation and management.
Peter Reid Agriculture including climate-resilient agriculture, rural development, environment and Natural Resource Management.

Livestock and their keepers

Rare Breeds: Soay sheep ram
Local sheep breeds

Wyn Richards People centred agricultural development systems; inclusive concerns of farmers for food security and material and social benefits; strengthened involvement of associated value chain institutions in farming systems R&D

Milking smallholder cows
Philippines Microfinance

Ken Campbell

Knowledge management and information systems & GIS, decision support. Livestock and the Environment. Smallstock. Smallholder with chickens, rare-breed sheep, fruit and vegetables.

Carol Kerven Main focus for 25 years of applied research and practical interventions, in extensive range-based pastoralist systems of semi-arid Africa and Asia.
David Silverside Food technology and the meat industry, project development, monitoring and assessment.
Anthony Pope Livestock systems, development projects and disease management.
See also under the closely related areas, including:
Agriculture, Farming Systems and Food Technology,
Value Chains, Food Security and Post Harvest Systems
and Agrobiodiversity.

Pests and Pesticides

Pesticide Spraying
Asparagus Beetle
Crop damage on Brassica

Mark Ritchie

Pest surveys, identification and diagnosis, biocontrol, participatory IPM development, Locust management, pesticide safety & assessment of non-target effects. Capacity building & training.

pesticide preparation

Illustrations for Development

Biological Control: Ladybird

Stéphane Flasse Environmental information systems, Locusts, Decision support, earth observation and GIS, Agronomist.
Judith Pender ArcInfo and ArcView specialist, pests and weather patterns. Locust forecasting and information systems.
Ian Watson Impact of pesticides on non-target species.
Bob Douthwaite Pest ecology & behaviour. Ecotoxicology. Environmental assessment of tsetse fly and locust control programmes.
Simon Eden-Green Plant pathology; pests, pathogens & disease vectors of tropical & temperate crops, crop protection, integrated pest management, biopesticides, plant health, quarantine & regulatory services.
Ian Grant Ecotoxicology, pesticide impacts: migrant pests, livestock and human disease vectors. Locust and grasshopper, Quelea, tsetse fly, mosquitoes. Organochlorines, organophosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids.
Sheila Willis

Participatory integrated pest management; pesticide management

Roger Bancroft Post-harvest plant pathologist and physiologist of fresh horticultural produce, grains/cereals and oilseeds etc. Surveyor of containers and bulk cargoes. Forensic investigator and expert witness to assess, analyse and diagnose the nature, extent and value of quality depreciation and biological loss of commodities.
Sujit Patel Analysis by laboratory procedures, implementation of GLP, knowledge of chromatographic techniques used to determine levels of pesticides and residues by the use of HPLC or GC with Mass Spectroscopy.
John Jackson

Vertebrate pest management.

Fisheries and Water Resources Planning (see also under Water and Sanitation)
Fisheries Ian Watson Aquaculture and fisheries development , business training, marketing, product development, handling and distribution, ornamental fish trade.

Romanian Carp

Shrimp harvest Bangladesh

Brantas Catchment Java

Nick Willoughby Coastal zone management, wetland biodiversity, monitoring & evaluation, policy & advice.
Ken Campbell Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), incl. hydropower, water supplies, environmental flow requirements (EFR), biodiversity and protected areas, GIS and remote sensing.
Jim Hancock Temperate estuarine and tropical coastal zone management, artisanal fisheries, mariculture development, transboundary river issues.
Bob Douthwaite Strategic environmental assessment. Environmental flow requirements. Wetland resource assessment, conservation & development. Waterbird conservation & ecology.
Mark Ritchie Enhancing sustainability of Irrigated agriculture.
Lynne Barratt Coastal zone management, sustainability concepts in master planning, policy and planning
Jim Williams

Watershed management, Water policy and institutional transboundary issues, satellite rainfall estimation.

Sujit Patel

Analysis of heavy metals by laboratory procedures, implementation of GLP, working knowledge of AAS techniques used to determine levels of lead, mercury etc.

Nienke Eernisse

GIS and remote sensing for watershed management and integrated coastal zone management, Flood risk assessment, Rainfall analysis.

Water and Sanitation see also under Fisheries and Water Resources Planning

Brantas, Indonesia Rachel Norman

PhD Monitoring Global Water and Sanitation (Kenya and Uganda); Technical assistant involved in the utility management and commercial development of the Liberia Water and Sewage Corporation; Interim Regional Coordinator in Karamoja and Teso Districts, Northern Uganda; Head office support for EC-funded Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Support Programme, The Gambia; DFID Community Reintegration Programme, Sierra Leone and DFID Community Development Initiative – Pujehun, Sierra Leone.

Illustrations for Development

Value Chains, Post-Harvest Quality, Food Safety, Food Security and Marketing

An overview of Value Chains

Fisheries Post Harvest Quality

Jonathan Coulter Leading authority on warehouse receipt and inventory credit systems; development of input & output market and financial services, through contract farming, farmer-controlled enterprises & other means; post-harvest economics; food storage at household and collective level

Illustrations for Development

Banana: Illustrations for Development

Hygiene: Illustrations for Development

Roger Bancroft

Post-harvest plant pathologist and technologist. Agricultural and horticultural plant products. Characterisation and critical point analyses of marketing systems and development of sampling protocols to monitor and evaluate the efficiency of handling, storage, transport, pre-conditioning, distribution and marketing with a view to improving the amelioration and control and of diseases, disorders and quality defects.

Simon Eden-Green Plant pathology; pests, pathogens & disease vectors of tropical & temperate crops, crop protection, integrated pest management, biopesticides, plant health, quarantine & regulatory services.
Wyn Richards Livestock products dependent on effective and efficient processing and marketing; farmer benefits from improved milk and meat production require strengthened, resourced and trained value chain partners.
Hannah Jaenicke

Processing and marketing of underutilized crops

Paul Schoen Food security impacts as a result of production, imports, exports and challenges of balancing access with ability to ensure food security. Value chain analysis and review of commodity and production systems from farm to point of export and consumption.
Carol Kerven Marketing behaviour of pastoralist livestock keepers, including value chains for live animals, meat, dairy products and animal fibres.
Catherine Mackenzie Forest product value chain analysis and market development.
Ian Watson Post-harvest fisheries quality, fishery product processing, product development, food safety controls for fishery products, fishery and aquaculture value chain analysis.
Anthony Pope Value chain analysis and market development. Food security appraisals.
Peter Reid Natural resource management, livelihoods and climate change adaptation.

Terrestrial Ecology
Crtical ecological functions Serengeti wildebeest Mark Ritchie

Invertebrate biodiversity assessment, sampling and monitoring of invertebrates, invertebrate recognition and identification.

Hazel Dormouse, endangered species (Muscardinus avellanarius)

Forest in Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia

Ken Campbell Wildlife census techniques, conservation, habitat mapping, environmental impact assessment, woodland management, Dormouse monitoring (Muscardinus avellanarius).
Bob Douthwaite General ecology. Bird conservation and ecology.
John Jackson General ecology, teaching, woodlands, grasslands, deer, woodfuel.

Biodiversity, Agrobiodiversity, Wildlife Conservation

Cheetah, Serengeti

Environmental Services


Ken Campbell Conservation, GIS, people & protected areas, management planning, bushmeat & illegal hunting, wildlife census & monitoring. Habitat management for biodiversity. Rare breed livestock. Licensed Dormouse surveyer.

Elephant, Tanzania

Indicator Species

Nick Willoughby Wetland biodiversity, coastal zone management, monitoring & evaluation, policy & advice.
Jim Hancock Integrated coastal zone management, strategic environmental and sustainable development policy, awareness building, marine protected areas.
Ian Watson Wildlife trade and sustainable utilisation, ornamental fish industry in poverty alleviation.
Mark Ritchie

Biodiversity assessment (invertebrates), non-target effects of pesticide use.

Ian Grant

Chemical hazards and risks to wildlife and ecosystem processes – aquatic and soil ecosystems.

Lynne Barratt Marine biodiversity assessment and planning; development of management plans, policy & advice
Richard Tapper Biodiversity management for tourism; Marine recreation standards; Tourism in National Parks; Tourism and conservation finance; Wildlife watching and conservation.
Hannah Jaenicke Agrobiodiversity, use of indigenous (neglected) crops, conservation through use, sustainable harvesting, processing, marketing and market access, traditional knowledge and IPR.
John Jackson Wildlife trade and sustainable management, eco-tourism, deer, gazetting protected areas, conservation, forestry and wildlife, South American grasslands.
Catherine Mackenzie Terrestrial and marine (coral reef) protected areas and buffer zone participatory planning and management; bushmeat policy and management; enhancing community participation and benefits from conservation.

GIS and Spatial Analysis

Spatial Analysis

Linda Ritchie Systems for migrant pests (locusts, armyworm, Quelea).
Judith Pender ArcInfo and ArcView specialist, Forecasting and information systems. Bespoke problem based GIS programmed in Avenue and VB.
Ken Campbell Impact assessment, spatial interpolation, spatial analysis. Environment and Conservation. Remote sensing. Digital terrain models. MapInfo, Surfer, GPS, Digitizing.
Stéphane Flasse Environmental information systems, decision support and earth observation. Forestry, health and agriculture.
Alan Mills Corporate & enterprise GIS design & management. National Framework, policy & procedural issues. Database & analysis. small states. Information Systems. Disaster management. Environmental monitoring, Land registry and cadastre. Utilities management.
Nienke Eernisse ArcInfo and ArcGIS specialist, GIS design and management, Geodatabase design, Spatial modelling, Data capture and management, Watershed management plans, Flood risk assessment, Landcover change analysis.

Remote Sensing
Enhanced Thematic Mapper Stéphane Flasse Theory, applications and training, image analysis and cartography, environmental information systems, decision support and GIS. Agronomist.  
Ken Campbell Satellite image analysis, GIS, land use, EIA, environmental monitoring, wildlife & protected areas, aerial sample photography.
Judith Pender Satellite imagery and aerial digital photography. Image analysis for land use change.
Alan Mills Aerial photography interpretation, training, image interpretation and analysis. Integration with GIS, decision support.
Jim Williams

Management of data for environmental decision making, satellite rainfall estimation, weather and climate monitoring.

Nienke Eernisse

Aerial photo interpretation, Image analysis and mapping, Integration with GIS.

Land Use Planning & Land Evaluation
Coastal Resources Mapping Marcus Robbins Forestry sector planning and land use.  
Ken Campbell Impact assessment, GIS, spatial modelling, remote sensing and cartography.
Lynne Barratt Coastal area planning and management, coastal area use, coastal development within the wider planning context, using science to inform decision making
Richard Tapper Tourism development planning; Tourism zoning and management; Assessment of tourism potential and natural resource impacts; Water use and tourism.
Nienke Eernisse

Natural habitat mapping, Land use mapping from remote sensing imagery, GIS and spatial modelling, Landuse change analysis.

Decision Support Systems. See also under Knowledge management

Decision Support Jim Williams Policy and Environmental decision support systems, including Meteorological data dissemination and use, Rural Radio.  
Ken Campbell Biodiversity, Environment, Internet based information systems, databases, spatial analysis & GIS, environmental assessment and monitoring.
Stéphane Flasse Environmental information systems in forestry, health and agriculture. Earth observation and GIS. Agronomist.
Judith Pender Systems for migrant pests (locusts, armyworm, quelea), insect vectors (tsetse) and peri-urban research.
Jim Hancock Participatory processes in support of integrated NRM and livelihood planning.
Alan Mills Pest monitoring, environmental monitoring, disaster management, physical planning.
Nienke Eernisse Database management and application design, GIS and spatial modeling, GIS for renewable energy and water resources (e.g. floodrisk mapping).

Environmental Assessment and Monitoring (EIA, SIA, SEA)

Environmental Impact

Quarry Site

Ken Campbell Screening, scoping and EIA. Hydropower, water supply, contaminated land, Environmental Services, wildlife & protected areas, environmental & social impacts, indicators.

Ecological Monitoring Methods

Jim Hancock Participatory coastal resources appraisals and monitoring systems, sustainable development indicators.
Bob Douthwaite Strategic assessment. Water resource development. EIA / audit of hydropower. EIA pest management programmes.
Mark Ritchie

EIA for pest management programmes; hydropower, irrigation schemes.

Ian Grant

Pesticides in the environment: pest management, contaminated soils and water. EIA/SEA. Ecological monitoring and bioindicators. Biotechnology for rapid detection of pesticides, PAHs and other pet.hydrocarbons. Bioremediation.

Lynne Barratt Screening, scoping and preparation of EIAs for single projects and SEAs in the wider planning context, preparation and implementation of effective environmental management plans, development and delivery of compensation plans, introducing sustainability concepts in master planning, policy and advice.
Nienke Eernisse Supporting Environmental Assessments with spatial analyses, mapping and (geo-)information management.

Climate Change Impact, Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change, and Carbon Footprint Analysis

Climate Change: Tenperature increase 1880 - 2008

Stéphane Flasse Earth observation, monitoring and analysing climate change impact, land cover change, GMES, adaptability and evaluation.

How big is your Carbon Footprint?

How big is your Carbon Footprint?

Alan Mills Information Management (GIS) for Climate Change modelling and monitoring, risk and hazard assessment, adaptation to Climate Change particularly the impact for small island states.
Richard Tapper Climate change impacts and tourism.
Jim Williams

Strategy, policy, practice, mitigation assessment, adaptation programme development, climate risk management.

Ken Campbell Information for Climate Change, mitigation and adaptation. Environmental Assessment. Combined impacts of Peak Oil and Climate Change.
Wyn Richards

Principal concerns of poor livestock keepers on how to cope (adapt) with droughts, floods and extremes; many strategies (technologies, practices and insurance schemes) developed for cattle, sheep, goats and poultry but poorly disseminated.

Catherine Mackenzie REDD+ particularly social and environmental standards/safeguards, integrated land use planning, REDD+ programme M&E (including Norways ICFI in Indonesia), social and livelihood analysis for project design; Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation.
Anthony Pope Conservation Agriculture (CA) technology and its role for crop production in changing climatic conditions around the world.
Peter Reid Livelihoods, climate change adaptation and resilience.

Social & Economic Assessment, Livelihoods
Working with People Kate Meadows Gender, poverty, environment & policy analysis. Stakeholder assessment, Social impact assessment, CBNRM, livelihoods and institutional analysis.  
Elizabeth Kiff Livelihoods analysis, Community resource management, Participatory technology development, Community institutional development.
Jim Hancock Stakeholder perspectives on opportunities, constraints to livelihoods development, conflict over natural resources.
Richard Tapper Economic effects of tourism; Local employment and livelihoods; Economic diversification linked to the tourism sector
Paul Schoen Impact, assessment and review of programmes on socio economic profiles and community and micro and SME business practices, livelihood changes as a result of external support.
Carol Kerven Project design and evaluations on crop and livestock household socio-economic status and potential.
Catherine Mackenzie Poverty and Social Impact Assessment for World Bank; poverty and social safeguards assessments for ADB, particularly involving ethnic minority groups; preparation of ethnic minority development, consultation and participation plans; stakeholder and livelihood analysis for community development planning.

Community Development and Participatory Appraisal

Participation Kate Meadows Stakeholder assessment, PRA, government and community liaison. Social impact assessment, CBNRM, livelihoods and institutional analysis. Illustrations for Development
Jim Hancock CBNRM, community and livelihoods development, involvement and capacity building of key stakeholders groups in large programmes.
Elizabeth Kiff Farming systems, agroforestry, organic agriculture, participation and community development and community forestry.
Mark Ritchie Participatory appraisal for sustainable cropping systems.
Richard Tapper Community consultation and involvement in tourism development.
Sheila Willis

Stakeholder assessments. Strengthening institutional linkages. Government – community liaison. Network development and capacity building. PRA.

Carol Kerven

Participatory impact evaluations of projects and programmes by large donors and small NGOs, aimed at crop and livestock producers in the tropics and temperate climates.

Catherine Mackenzie Natural resource based community development - through PRA and related techniques, sustainable management, value-addition and enhancing community benefit in value chains; Harmonising conservation and development; Community organisation and capacity building.
Anthony Pope Assessment and development of sustainable cropping and farming systems.

Human Health and Environment. See also under: Pests and Pesticides and Post Harvest Systems

Vector borne diseases Stéphane Flasse Environmental information system in human health (malaria, onchocerciasis) and animal health (Oestrus ovis). Decision support, Earth observation and GIS. Agronomist. Tsetse fly
Sujit Patel

Analysis by laboratory procedures, implementation of GLP, knowledge of chromatographic techniques used to determine and verify levels of active ingredients in drug preventative medicines.

Information management and Database development. See also under Knowledge management

Information Technology Linda Ritchie Systems design, development and operation. Database design and extensive programming experience. smallstock and their keepers
Ken Campbell Knowledge management and information systems. Concept mapping. Web site design, development and management. Spatial analysis & GIS,
Judith Pender Bespoke problem based GIS programming in Avenue and VB.
Alan Mills Database design, information framework, public awareness and education.
Roger Bancroft Sub-editor of the Journal of Applied Biology responsible for the peer review of articles of post-harvest interest.
Wyn Richards

Transforming research findings into 'language' and format for targeted audiences - policy makers, media, users, beneficiaries.

Nienke Eernisse GIS and (geo)database design, Database application development, Geo-information and data management, Training. Presenting data and information in the form of maps, graphs and charts.

Project Development

Project Design

project management

The Project Cycle

Stéphane Flasse Project identification, development and bidding. Forestry, health and agriculture. Earth observation and GIS.  
Jim Hancock Participatory NR based livelihoods, NGO and community business partnerships, post-programme sustainability.
David Silverside Food technology and the meat industry, project development, monitoring and assessment.
Ken Campbell Proposal and concept review. Copy-editing. Proofreading. Environment and conservation, GIS and information management.
Keith Shawe Natural resource assessment, conservation and management - project identification, development and bidding.
Elizabeth Kiff Project development, monitoring and assessment. Agriculture and farming systems.
Alan Mills Proposal preparation and writing, GIS development, small island issues.
Mark Ritchie

Project proposal development and bid preparation (DFID, Darwin Initiative, Tacis: pest management, biodiversity assessment, protected nature areas); development of TORs for EC Tacis project (Kazakhstan, Sustainable irrigated cropping).

Jim Williams Problem assessment and resource mobilisation for large regional development programmes: donor assessment, development/design of specific projects in (e.g) agriculture, environment, health and climate change.
Richard Tapper Tourism project development, planning and management; Project evaluation.
Sheila Willis

Project identification, development and proposal writing. Project monitoring and management. Smallholder pest management. Pesticides management.

Roger Bancroft

Identification, development, proposal, tendering, design, implementation and management of technology-transfer and applied research and development projects.

Wyn Richards Technical proposal writing/oversight, particularly in the livestock and crop/livestock sector. Skilled in composing logframes and outcome mapping frameworks for proposals.
Hannah Jaenicke Proposal development, writing and evaluation, bid preparation, project management
Paul Schoen Project and programme identification, formulation and design in a range of sectors and poverty alleviation initiatives. Strategy reviews and health checks of existing projects and programmes with a view to taking corrective action or considerations to improve performance. Cost benefit analysis (CBA), budgeting and financial presentation. Logframe design and development.
John Jackson Project identification, development and proposals.
Catherine Mackenzie Project identification, design, appraisal, and implementation for donors and NGOs. Preparation of bids, including successful submissions to DFID, Darwin, etc.
Nienke Eernisse Proposal preparation and writing, Peer review of projects, Project evaluation, GIS and information management.
Anthony Pope Complete project cycle experience – identification, proposal preparation, funding, planning, establishment and budgetary control.
Rachel Norman Proposal preparation and writing from concept note through to full proposal and ranging from small studies to multi-million pound (sterling) projects and programmes. Sectors include: rural development, water and sanitation, post-conflict reintegration and rehabilitation, urban planning and the environment.

Project & Programme Monitoring and Evaluation

Programme Monitoring and Evaluation
Project & Programme Monitoring and Evaluation
Stéphane Flasse Project and programme review. Project proposal review (EC-FP). Decision support, earth observation, GIS, food security, forestry, health, natural hazard, agronomy. Agronomist. Illustrations for Development
David Silverside Food technology and the meat industry, project development, monitoring and assessment.
Marcus Robbins Forestry project preparation, appraisal, review, monitoring and evaluation.
Kate Meadows Community based natural resources evaluation and management. Livelihoods and institutional analysis.
Bob Douthwaite Evaluation of Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRSs), and wetland conservation, biodiversity and hydropower projects.
Elizabeth Kiff Mid-term review of cultivation of medicinal plants project, EC.
Mark Ritchie

Evaluation of Save The Children IPM Farmer Field School Project, Ethiopia.

Ian Grant

Evaluations, audits and validations: area-wide pest and vector control programmes; ecological monitoring in aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Lynne Barratt Monitor and evaluator for EU LIFE Environment and Nature Programmes
Richard Tapper Project evaluation.
Sheila Willis

Smallholder pest management. Pesticides management.

Jonathan Coulter Evaluation of projects in the post-harvest and marketing area, including research projects
Roger Bancroft Participation in the monitoring, evaluation and review of technology-transfer and applied research and development projects.
Wyn Richards

M&E of national, regional and global projects or programmes with pro-poor agricultural and livestock research bias.

Hannah Jaenicke Project and programme review, development of Monitoring, Impact Assessment and Learning (MIL) systems; Logframe development, impact pathways
Paul Schoen Performance Monitoring Programme design and solution identification, implementation and advisory services. Mid-term, final, ex-post reviews & evaluations. Results Oriented Monitoring systems. Tools such as the multiplier effects and gross margin analysis. Use of DAC criteria of evaluation. Indicator setting and performance reviews.
Catherine Mackenzie Mid-term, final, real-time monitoring and evaluation of wide range of NR based projects and programmes for CGIAR, Norad, DFID, NGOs, including participatory evaluations.
Anthony Pope Agricultural and Community Development projects; monitoring and evaluation.
Rachel Norman PhD Monitoring Global Water and Sanitation (Kenya and Uganda); Member of Sanitation and Water for All Global Monitoring Task Team; short-term technical assistance assignments in Solomon Islands, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Quality assurance and systems re-engineering experience for the full project cycle management.

Policy and Institutional Development

Policy and Institutional Development Simon Eden-Green Plant pathology; pests pathogens and vectors of diseases of tropical and temperate crops, crop protection, integrated pest management, biopesticides, plant health, quarantine and regulatory services.  
Jim Hancock Donor programme strategy advice on environment and research, NR management institutions capacity development.
Keith Shawe Biodiversity in rural development, capacity building in conservation and natural resources management.
Bob Douthwaite Strategic environmental assessment. Water resource development. Advisory support for wetland development. Mainstreaming environment into Poverty Reduction Strategies (PRSs).
Alan Mills Strategic environmental policy, information and knowledge management, prioritisation for small island governments, institutional capacity building, procedures and documentation.
Richard Tapper Tourism policy; Institutional structures and coordination for tourism.
Jim Williams Climate change policy development, climate related institutional development.
Jonathan Coulter Agricultural marketing policy, staple foods & cotton; managing food price instability in developing countries; local and regional procurement of food aid commodities
Roger Bancroft Participation in the development, training and team building of post-harvest resource groups.
Wyn Richards

Facilitation and brokering donor collaboration/ coordination in pro-poor agriculture/livestock R&D; extracting lessons learned on effectiveness of ARD on poverty reduction; development of insurance schemes and other financial services for poor farmers/pastoralists.

Paul Schoen Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM) construction and presentation economic and financial systems and players (businesses) within the systems, policy review and impact of changes as a result of subsidy or tax schemes. Institutional analysis at government and industry level (e.g. associations, alliances and other bodies which support the economic activity or industry).
Catherine Mackenzie Forest governance; forest policy and institutional development; social policy development for REDD+.
Peter Reid Policy development, management and M&E, leadership, human resource development, communication, negotiation, reporting, budget administration and procurement.

Economic Development

Illustrations for Development
Village market Sondu Paul Schoen

Economic reviews and analysis of national and international institutional policy including development partners such as the EU, World Bank and UNDP.


Knowledge Management Systems, Training and Knowledge Transfer. See also Information management

Smallstock in Development

Discovering beauty of indigenious rice varieties. Photo by Sanjay Patil, BAIF (MITTRA)

Linda Ritchie Production of on-line help systems. Bespoke training for computer users.  
Stéphane Flasse Development and delivery of training, from academic lecture to tailored end-user training in-country, in theory and applied remote sensing and GIS.
Ken Campbell Web site development & management. Knowledge management (internet, CD, USB stick). Programme summaries. Concept mapping / Knowledge mapping. Copy editing.
Alan Mills Development and delivery of bespoke training courses for GIS, remote sensing and environmental education. Teaching at undergraduate and graduate level, Phd Supervision, public awareness campaigns, TV, radio and newspaper experience.

Mark Ritchie

Design and delivery of small group training courses in pest management (vegetables, rice, coconut), safe spraying technology, biological control, pest identification, logical frameworks. Institutional Capacity building through: supervision (PhD), mentoring and coaching.

Ian Grant Design and delivery of field training courses for monitoring the environmental impacts of chemical interventions used for large scale pest and vector control. International courses for Continuing Professional Development in environmental assessment and management in rural development. Capacity building.
Richard Tapper Capacity building on tourism management; Planning systems and tourism; Tourism product development and marketing .
Sheila Willis Development and implementation of communications strategies. Development and delivery of extension, training and public awareness materials. Crop protection and the safer use of agrochemicals.
Jim Williams

Knowledge management: Management of environmental knowledge as a resource for decision making.

Roger Bancroft

Teaching of applied post-harvest pathology, physiology and technology at all levels, from on-site bespoke vocational training of stakeholders and mentoring of extension staff, to university level. Supervision and examination of PhDs. Preparation of course materials. Knowledge transfer and dissemination by means of workshops, seminars, lectures, videos, manuals and technical and extension leaflets etc.

Wyn Richards Training in-country counterparts in designing their own communication strategies including approaches to successful up- and out-scaling of research outputs.
Hannah Jaenicke Development of training materials and delivery of short-term or long-term training for extension officers, undergraduates or researchers in agrobiodiversity, nursery management, crop processing and marketing. Design of information brochures, posters and exhibition stands
Sujit Patel

Delivery of bespoke training material for preventative maintenance for improving capacity for repair of laboratory equipment and training technical support staff in approaches to maintenance and repair of analytical test equipment.

John Jackson Teaching, lecturing, mentoring and knowledge transfer and dissemination in wildlife, ecology, conservation and forestry; outreaching/extension in land management s disciplines.
Catherine Mackenzie On-the-job and class-based capacity building including university-level teaching; editing.
Nienke Eernisse Bespoke small group and individual GIS, database and information management training, Field survey management, Mentoring, Developing training materials based on practical and relevant examples.

Research Programme Management.
See also under Knowledge management and Policy and Institutional Development

Research Programme Management Wyn Richards

Design, implementation, resource management, marketing, monitoring and review of large livestock and agricultural research programmes aimed at improving rural and urban livelihoods.

Hannah Jaenicke Development and management of a portfolio of projects. Project coordination, resource management.
Carol Kerven Coordinating research on national household quarterly surveys, by independent researchers, and managing collaborative multi-country interdisciplinary research.



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