Dr Kate Meadows

Social Responsibility and Community Relations Specialist



Community Relations & Public Consultation


Social Responsibility & Sustainable Business Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Trade, Small & Medium Business Innovation & Skills


Sustainable Development - Socially & Environmentally Aware Community Investment


Social Impact Assessment & Social Management 


Hampstead, London, NW3





Over 25 years’ experience in Social Responsibility, Community Development & Environmental Protection/Safeguards (social impact assessment & social management), Community Relations, Public Consultation and Social Development (community investment, community project management & sustainable development). Excellent speaker, engagement/negotiator, award winning community project designer, proposal writing & fundraising, Community Investment Strategy & Social Impact Assessment leader/creator, community project implementation, management & monitoring, internal & external company/corporate liaison and staff development. Experience working UK, Europe & worldwide with World Bank/IFC, British Government, United Nations, Greenwich & Imperial College London Universities, Charities/NGOs, leading businesses e.g. National Power, Saatchi’s PR (Kingsway Rowland) in UK; mostly Africa & Middle East as well as Total (France/Yemen), Statkraft (Norway/Turkey) EVN (Austria/Albania).



1994 — 1997                        PhD   Social and Sustainable Community Development, University of London, School of Advanced Study (Community construction-basic, low cost housing with site & service e.g. energy/roads/water)

1986 — 1987                        PGCE Thesis on Teaching Environment and Development Education, University of Oxford, Department of Educational Studies, UK (English, Geography/Environment)

1979 — 1982                        BSc (Hons) Social and Environmental Studies including community planning, Infrastructure development, Social/Human Geography/Geology and Natural Resources Management University of Lancaster, Geography Dept., UK



English — Excellent speaking, reading and writing. French (mother’s tongue); Good understanding, fair reading. Ki Swahili & Arabic – Basic from primary school, Libya & Kenya. (Secondary school USA & UK)



Recent Conference Speaker- Community Development, CSR & Energy (Rome, 2012); Guest Lecture-Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Community Investment & Social Development (University College London, Development Planning Unit, 2012); Libya Oil & Gas Conference Speaker-Social Development (Vocational Training) & Energy Industry (2010); Middle East & North Africa Energy Speaker (Cairo, 2009)

Awards - Ashden Sustainable Development Award (Energy) 2005; Proposal Author and Social Development Advisor for DfID funded Centre of Innovation and Technology Transfer at KIST; Worked with Medicines Sans Frontier in 1999 (year of this NGOs Nobel Peace Prize) Prize; The Nature of National Power 1990 (Environmental Education & Communications Award)

Current (2013) Memberships -  Participant All Parliamentary Discussion Group, Food & Agriculture, Westminster; Member- Frontline Club, London, Member - The NRGroup


10 years Sustainable Business/CSR, SIA and Community Investment and Development 

8 years Institutions/Government & other Community Development Organizations

7 years Education, Environment & Civil Society, Charity/NGO and public relations


2002-2013 – Independent Consultant   Sustainable Business (CSR) & Sustainable Development/Community Investment, Social Impact Assessment & Social Management 

Working in public private sector partnerships with business corporations, international organizations, charity and government on a variety of projects that entailed:

         Social Safeguards, Community Relations & Public Consultation. Produce & implement Public Consultation & Disclosure Plans (PCDPs); Negotiate community development needs & reinstatement after construction/resettlement, establishment of diverse range of community investment projects for sustainable business-Ethical Plans adhering to Fairtrade, renewable energy & charitable/NGO support;

         Participatory Analysis of Community Needs and community services provision (infrastructure, energy, education, health) inclusive of vulnerable groups & working with Charitable organizations (NGOs) as implementation partners;  

·         Social Development, CSR and Community Investment Strategy implementation to UK Government and International Guidelines – including capacity assessments as part of social responsibility monitoring (Social Performance Reviews), Goals, compliance, Community Project Management & Event Sponsorship

•      Social, economic, governance, institutional and civil society analysis and development including stakeholder assessment (Gov. Ministries, Civil Society/NGOs, private sector) identification of stakeholders, government and community liaison. Social Impact Assessments as part of ESIAs, including stakeholder engagement & baseline socio-economic surveys using community consultation inclusion and empowerment for production of Community Investment Strategy and Social Management Plans (SMPs) to World Bank IFC& EU standards

•      Staff and Community Skills Development-Teaching, training, capacity building — workshops, lectures, dissemination of information through radio, video, website, & publications ranging from academic to public relations & policy guidelines for governments & multilateral organizations. Advisor IFC’s 2006 Performance Standards/guidelines & 2009 IFC PS Review (IFC January 2012 update reporting-www.ifc.org/sustainabilityframeworkIFC's Performance Standards)

Most Recent Consultancy (and plan for 2013-2014)  

April-May 2013, Azerbaijan For Asian Development Bank funded development project, Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Safeguards in local communities, Including resettlement issues on construction/development project on southern border region. Tasks include consultations, evidence verifications, Internal Monitoring Report production, Work Planning & capacity development. April-May is start up mission to produce Work Plan for continuation of work in Azerbaijan for at least 12 more months.


June-December 2012-Mozambique Extraction Project; Produced Community Investment Strategy and Community Investment Plan according to IFC guidelines


For Last Ten Year Consultancy Record Detail see End of Resume


March 1999 – June 2002, Senior Socio-Economist, Natural Resources Institute, Greenwich University, UK

As well as lecturing in community relations and development & social analysis as part of course partnership with Imperial College, University of London was project developer and team leader on a variety of social assessment and community development projects including:

India/UK, Rural Farm Practice— a World Bank Partnership for improving community agriculture and food production; Contributed to the development of workshops and training of fieldwork Devised community assessment exercises, training schedule and project evaluation analysis.Uganda Social Development Programme Planning, DFID funded, Produced social assessment training package for Ugandan collaborators and contributed social (gender) analysis and gender mainstreaming. China Assessment of the social and environmental appropriateness of a new agriculture initiative - Bt transgenic cotton in China, United Nations FAO/EU Partnership Evaluation of agricultural practices community needs analysis, identification of challenges, formulation of support strategies and public consultation for consensus on way forward for community development; Rwanda Mainstreaming Sustainability (Social &Environmental Management Issues) into Rwanda’s Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRSP) a World Bank Initiative (a DFID funded project) Supported Minister(s) of Environment, Energy and Gender and UNDP and UNHCR and NGOs/charities to provide sustainable community development for refugees and others impacted by war and genocide, Trained Staff on sustainable settlement provision and poverty analysis, Provide social development input regarding mainstreaming environment and sustainability issues into the PRSP, including an assessment of health and gender issues,      Produce Guide for Rwanda’s Resettlement Programme in consultation/participation with effected communities with specific consideration of sustainable water, energy, health, education and livelihoods provision. Kenya Identifying Linkages Between Poverty and Environmental Resources Management a DFID/World Bank Project – PRSP As Team Leader duties were to facilitate inclusion of sustainable social development in Kenya’s poverty reduction strategy highlighting the links between poverty and environment. Responsible for guiding local staff and placing emphasis on gender and environment issues in the Poverty Reduction Strategy specifically in relation to community service provision — water, energy, housing, education and health services. Uganda Rural Non-Farm Community Development a DFID/World Bank Partnership based in Uganda, Malawi and India. As Socio-economic Adviser (Team Leader) duties were:

•      To assess current status and identify shortfalls in the understanding of livelihoods

•      To guide new directives, appoint staff and manage team surveys/fieldtrips

•      To identify partners, agree working roles, issue contracts and influence strategies

•      To formulate methodologies and to train staff in community development methods

•      To analyse data, synthesize information and communicate findings and recommendations.

The United Nations Development Programme/GEF - Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project (Burundi, Tanzania, Congo, Zambia). As the Socio-Economic Co-ordinator/Team Leader:

         Provided social policy advice for the management of the Lake across borders with the aim to contribute to the Strategic Action Plan based on an 18 month Social-economic investigation (see below)

         Produced final Social Development reports (22 reports across 4 countries in English and French)

         Conducted workshops and represented the UN at national, regional and international conferences

         Monitored social development projects across 4 countries; provided feedback for local and international consultants

         Provided community analysis training for information collected

         Strengthened partnerships with NGOs, CSOs and CBOs and contributed to institutional strengthening and capacity building by supporting training programmes, community livelihoods specifically sustainable fisheries and agriculture and consensus building on sustainable practice

         Produced a Community Development Programme        

         Appointed, trained (social analysis training) and managed local and international consultants,

         Formed partnerships with NGOs, CSOs and CBOs and contributed to a three-week environmental education training workshop.

Sustainable Environmental Management, Water Provision and Urban Agriculture a European Union Project based in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia Workshops for formulation of

Research tools and methodology for social development/agricultural links investigations. As Project leader duties were to provide:

•      Community analysis to identify different social interest groups and their needs and to liaise with a broad range of community groups and organizations

•      Descriptions of community resources use and decision-making.

·         Produced a project strategic plan/methodology

·         Commission and appoint community staff; Train project participants.



1993-1998 London, UK Community Relations & Social Development Researcher for National Power & National Grid co-funded project (supported by ODA & administered by ESKOM Energy)

Social Responsibility and Community Development Research focus on provision of electricity, housing and community services development. The project structure was:

1993/4 — Social survey of public perceptions and expectations of community development. Assessment Visits to trial community development projects. Review of best practice for community relations and social development. Consultation with research institutes, charities, development agencies, public utilities and government (national, local and civic). Planning and implementation of community analysis including fieldworkers training.

1995 – Fieldwork (Cape Town, SA) including participatory planning for community development.

1996- Data analysis, write up and workshops for dissemination of results and feedback.

1997/8 - Prepared research for submission for the Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Social Development at London University, School of Advanced Study.






1990 - 1992, London, Tilbury & Southampton National Power, Environment Department, Community Relations and Education Officer

Internal and external social and environmental education and liaison that included:

•      Producing education/public relations’ resources disseminated at conferences, NP Open Days and on request to Local Education Authorities and to teachers

•      Developing and implementing the environmental education resources project that was Highly Commended by the Ford Foundation.


1989-1990, London, Saatchi’s Public Relations – Kingsway Rowland Marketing & Journalism Junior (1989) and the Senior (1990) Account Manager

Projects and clients included:

         The Financial Times, Independent Newspapers (including launch public relations for the Saturday magazine-the first in the UK), Cyprus Peace Process Event-public relations and sponsorship, United Biscuits Gt Ormond Street Wishing Well Appeal Swimathon, National Power

         New Musical Express- Freelance Journalist World Music, Culture and Cinema

         BBC Radio – Freelance reporting; social-cultural commentary


1986-1988, University of Oxford (see education) and Hurlingham & Chelsea School (London, UK)

Thesis - Education and Conflict in South African township schools.

Teacher - Geography: Social and Environmental Issues (all A grades) with a probationary year at Chelsea and Hurlingham School, London.


1984-1986, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, SA

Research Assistant and Junior Lecturer. Duties included:

•      Establishment and management of research laboratory

•      Conducting fieldwork across southern Africa — Social and Environmental Impact Assessments

•      Data compilation, report writing and dissemination (publication) of results.


1983-1984, Nombulelo Township School, Grahamstown, South Africa

Teacher Geography, History, English and Environmental Sciences. Consultant and adviser to SA Council of Higher Education and contributor to human rights based education publications.


1982-1983, St Helens College of Technology, Lancashire, UK

Junior Lecturer Human and Physical Geography (environment) on adult education training programmes.


1981-1982, Singapore

Post Conflict Rehabilitation Programme for Vietnamese Refugees

Volunteer Teacher (during university vacations) to Vietnamese Boat Children en route to Europe and US.


COUNTRY EXPERIENCE Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Canada, China, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinee, Holland, Iceland, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Niger, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Romania, Rwanda, Senegal, Singapore, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Switzerland, Swaziland, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, UK, US, Vietnam,  Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe














Recent (Last Ten Year, 2002-2012) Consultancy Record  

April-May 2013, Azerbaijan For Asian Development Bank funded development project, Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Safeguards in local communities, Including resettlement issues on construction/development project on southern border region. Tasks include consultations, evidence verifications, Internal Monitoring Report production, Work Planning & capacity development. April-May is start up mission to produce Work Plan for continuation of work in Azerbaijan for at least 12 more months.

June-December 2012-Mozambique Extraction Project; Produced Community Investment Strategy and Community Investment Plan according to IFC guidelines Drafted CSR/Community Investment Policy Guiding Principles for the company and a Community/Social Development Investment Strategy and Community Development Projects concepts for a US LNG Project in Mozambique with view to extract gas and build an LNG plant with minimal conflict/best practice CSR in local Communities. Entailed three missions to Mozambique during this period.

March-May 2012 Gazprom/South Stream Black Sea Gas Transport Project Produced Community Investment Strategy for Bulgaria and Russia project area as part of South stream company CSR and directed the development of Public Consultation Strategies for four project affected countries to World Bank IFC and European Bank Social Performance Standards. Consultation Strategy produced specifically to address past conflict through good relationship building.

July 2010-November 2011, Canadian Oil and Gas Company; Bankers Project in Albania Role: Social Performance Manager ESIA Public Consultation and Social Impact Assessment Technical Advisor  produce Public Consultation & Disclosure Plan (PCDP) with focus on conflict resolution, Social Impact Assessment & Social Management Plan (SMP) and Resettlement Appraisal to European (EBRD) & IFC Performance Standards. Produced Community Investment Strategy, Implemented Community Development Projects, hired and trained local partners, monitored community investment projects development. Sourced, hired and trained (on the job training and mentoring) of local staffs. Report writing to IFC standards. Represented the company at IFC monitors (and other project investors) visits. One month on one month off rotation facilitated some short term assignments in this period including:

June-July 2011 Yemen LNG Total and Hunt Oil and Gas Consortium, Social Performance Review (Monitoring and Evaluation) of Sustainable Development- Resettlement Action Plan, SIA, Social Management/Sustainable Development Plan and Consultation Assessment (PCDP)  to World Bank/IFC social performance standards.

March-April 2011, Guinea, West Africa ESIA Public Consultation and Social Impact Assessment Technical Advisor Scoping mission to produce Public Consultation & Disclosure Plan (PCDP) and Social Impact Assessment Plans of Study for proposed mining project’s social/resettlement baseline surveys.

December 2010 Yemen LNG Total Gas Consortium, Social Performance Review (Monitoring and Evaluation) of Sustainable Development- Resettlement Action Plan, SIA, Social Management/Sustainable Development Plan and Consultation Assessment (PCDP)  to World Bank/IFC social performance standards.

October, April & May 2009-July 2010, Albania Devoll Hydro Power Project EVN/Statkraft-Social Impact & Consultation Specialist Advisor Public Consultation to IFC/EU Standards, produced Public Consultation & Disclosure Plan (PCDP), Social Management Plan, & Social Impact Assessment Reports

June 2010, Rome UN & Libya Oil and Gas, Papua New Guinea (Exxon Mobil), Social Development Presentations/Meetings. Specialist advice- Social Inclusion, capacity building for stability, Stakeholder Consultation Planning & Skills Development for Oil & Gas/Social Development in emerging societies

September, November 2009-April 2010, Turkey Statkraft Renewable/Hydro Energy ESIA  (SE Turkey Kurdish Region Nr Iraq/Syria borders), Team Manager of Social Impact Assessment & Resettlement Policy of power project-  social baseline survey, social mapping & ESIA impact consultations.

August  2009 (and December 2010), Yemen,  YLNG Total Consortium, Social Performance Review (Monitoring and Evaluation) of Sustainable Development post implementation of Resettlement Action Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation of ESIA and ESMP and Consultation Assessment (PCDP)  to World Bank/IFC social performance standards guidelines; capacity building to develop and M&E system for social audits.

May-June 2009, Egypt Presentation of SIA best practice model for Middle East & North Africa; and Egypt-Oil (ERC) Monitoring & Evaluation System and Training project staff in M&E for the implementation of the Social Impact Assessment Mitigation and Community Development Social Management Plan (SMP) to World Bank/IFC safeguard standards.

March 2009, Egypt-Oil Refinery (ERC/AfDB) ESIA Implementation, Mitigation and Community Development to World Bank/IFC: As Lead Social Science Advisor provide quarterly environmental & social performance review with capacity building elements for Community Liaison and other project staff. Includes ongoing Social surveys: needs assessment, skills audit, targeted SIAs, strategic planning, updates of PCDP and SMP etc as the Project develops. Updated Non Tech Summary of ESIA.

February 2009, Yemen, Gas (Public/Private) Sector YLNG, Social Performance Review (Monitoring and Evaluation) of Sustainable Development, implementation of Resettlement Action Plan, Monitoring & Evaluation of ESIA, ESMP and Consultation Assessment (PCDP)  to WB/IFC social performance standards

January 2009, Sierra Leone, Post conflict livelihoods support/Community Investment after Dam Construction AfDB & World Bank Energy (Hydro) Development Project, Evaluation and Review of Socio-Economic Survey of Livelihoods and community development following a resettlement program (SIA/RAP). Lead Livelihoods Assessment and post Resettlement Income Restoration Advisor production of agribusinesses, cash compensation transfer for livelihoods development for stable, sustainable development.

November-December 2008, Egypt-Oil Refinery (ERC) Start up Implementation of SIA Community Consultation and Community Development Projects: As Lead Social Science Advisor provide quarterly review (monitoring & evaluation) with capacity building for Community Liaison and other project staff and will ongoing surveys such as needs assessment, targeted SIAs, strategic planning, updates of PCDP and SMP etc as the Project develops. Started Vocational Training Initiatives

November 2008, Sierra Leone, AfDB & World Bank Post Conflict Reconstruction Energy Dam Project, Production of guidelines for resettlement cash compensation transfer for livelihoods development including identification of best systems to secure cash & training on access to resettlement cash compensation at household & community level (i.e. social inclusion). Evaluation of Socio-Economic Survey (Livelihoods development) implementing a resettlement action plan (RAP). Drafted Community Investment Strategy and trained local staff for implementation of community development projects.

October 2008, Guinea/Liberia Iron Ore Mine Project – Input to the Community Engagement Plan (UK desk based for post conflict implementation) following company and IFC extractive industry guidelines to be used as part of the ESIA of the Nimba Mountains mining project.

August/September 2008, Tanzania  – Social Impact Assessment and Community Consultations for Infrastructure Development Project (part of MCC) – Specifically an airport upgrade and harbor development and included civil society and livelihood assessments, eco-tourism and SME development.

March-July 2008, Egypt – ESIA for Oil Sector Social Impact Assessment, Consultations and Social Management Plan for Energy development project (oil refinery) in north east Cairo to IFC and European Investment Bank guidelines for extractive industry funding requirements.  Included extensive community consultations, socio-economic baseline, impact assessment, and social mitigation measures development as well as the production of a resettlement policy framework.

November 2007-February 2008, Sierra Leone – Social and Economic Development (Livelihoods) Consultant on World Bank (WB) and African Development Bank (AfDB) supported post conflict reconstruction project i.e. Energy Development Project Duties include community consultation, livelihood needs assessment and reconstruction in agriculture, fishing, blacksmith, carpentry and other artisan (Small and medium business) activities.

April-October 2007 Mauritania – Social Impact Assessment on Public/Private Partnership Extractives Industries Project during transitional (post coup/conflict) period To World Bank OP4.1 Standards National Government and local level consultations for Social Impact Assessment, infrastructure development (road and rail) and housing with training of Mauritanian staff on gender sensitive stakeholder engagement and community development specifically livelihoods and education for women and other aspects of social inclusion for institutional and community investment for development.

March/April 2007 Vietnam – Resettlement Advisor, Asian Development Bank – For Central Region Transport Networks Project, supervising 18 Vietnamese social development and resettlement consultants on relocation of households and reinstatement of livelihoods and businesses.

Feb 2007 Sierra Leone (World Bank, AfDB and Government Partnership) – Social and Economic Development/Livelihoods Advisor, Conducting a social and gender analysis of the projects proposed livelihoods reinstatement activities over 3-5 years. Includes gender equal SME development with specific opportunities for women in post-harvest production.

Jan 2007 Congo – Post Conflict Social and Economic Development Needs Assessment – Nippon Koi UK/JICA Social and economic survey of conditions and impacts of migration/refugees, and community needs and livelihoods assessment to inform inception of JICA (donor) funded Post Conflict community investments- health, education, infrastructure & livelihoods development program.  Included extensive consultations at community & local government levels as well as consultations with other development partners to co-ordinate development assistance for integrated post conflict stabilization and development.

Dec 2006, Mauritania – Social Impact Assessment on Public/Private partnership Extractives Industries Project  (Iron Ore Mine) Scoping stage social input into risk assessment, project decision making with regard to social footprint and way forward with community consultation for improved education, health and livelihoods particularly for women.

September –November 2006, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe Social Inclusion/Gender mainstreaming for United Nations FAO Mid Term review of vulnerable people’s support regional program. Focusing on the socio-economic impacts of different activities on vulnerable peoples (mostly women’s) education and development (capacity building) and improved health (nutritional) status. The outcome was to focus the projects across 9 countries to be more socially inclusive.

June and August 2006, Mauritania – Social Impact Assessment on Public/Private partnership Extractives Industries Project (Iron Ore Mine)Pre- feasibility stage social input into risk assessment, project decision making with regard to social footprint and way forward with community consultation for improved education, health and livelihoods. Discussions with Ministry of Mines re signatory status of Mauritania re: EITI agreement.

March-April 2006, Tanzania (World Bank and Tz partnership) – Socio-economic baseline, Community assessment and Infrastructure Development for Resettlement Action Plan for Societies Impacted by Transport Development

Social Development Consultant on a community assessment project for the Tanzania Government’s upgrading of railways networks. Survey conducted to World Bank standards to obtain WB funding for infrastructure development input to the Resettlement Action Plan. The preliminary SIA report was highly commended by the World Bank/IFC social assessment advisor.

June, July, September 2005-February 2006 Nigeria, Niger, Algeria  Trans Saharan Pipeline Social-Economic input to Environmental Impact Assessment and guidelines for full SIA and Resettlement Action Plan (to World Bank/IFC and ADB standards). Research for the Preliminary Social Impact Assessment in livelihoods and small businesses based in forests, mountains, deltas and deserts and different communities from south Nigeria to north Algeria traveling from the Niger Delta, across the Sahara desert regions of Niger and Algeria and into mountains and coastal plains. Surveys undertaken in fishing, agricultural and market place communities and with desert nomads and settled farmers of a wide variety of ethnic groups across the three countries looking at health, education and livelihood/small business status.

August 2005 Rwanda – Post conflict reconstruction, Social Development Advisor (DFID) Training, Monitoring and Evaluation at CITT/ the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology winner of the Ashden Development Award 2005 – see Awards above. This was part of a three-year education development program on small-scale appropriate technology projects for social and economic development support.

January-July 2005 Tanzania – Socio-economic baseline, Community assessment and Infrastructure Development for Resettlement Action Plan for Community Investment in Societies Impacted by Transport Development

Social Development consultant on a community assessment project for the Tanzania Government’s upgrading of railways networks. Survey conducted to World Bank standards to obtain WB funding for infrastructure development input to the Resettlement Action Plan. The preliminary SIA report was highly commended by the World Bank/IFC social assessment advisor.

August-December 2004 West Africa, Guinea Public Private Sector (mining) Community development and Livelihoods (assets) Assessment, Social Development (Team Leader) for Social Impact Assessment for Resettlement Action Plan for Bauxite Refinery

Leading Teams international and national consultants/fieldworkers to conduct an assessment of social dimensions & livelihoods needs in bauxite mining area/communities of Guinea. Third Party partnerships with the World Bank to identify small business development, capacity building and to work to IFC standards,  in Christian and Muslin communities conducting consultation at village level but also includes consultation and capacity building at regional and national government level.

May-June 2004 Bangladesh, Gender Specialist for United Nations FAO Evaluation/Asian Development Bank Standards of Community Development; Agriculture & Fishing based Livelihoods Social survey (monitoring & evaluation) of projects - livelihoods support to farmers in rural Bangladesh focusing on women’s empowerment for post disaster (floods & cyclones) food security.

December 2003 – April 2004, Rwanda – DFID and the Kigali Institute of Higher Education’s Development Technology Transfer Project for Community and Business Development Education Development Project Planning focusing on small scale economic activities and social/human capacity building. Specific attention to Gender and Participatory Rural Development training. Community Development Project Planning and capacity building with a focus on Sustainable Livelihoods & Participatory Rural Development Training for social and economic development– continuing the project established in Sept 2002 (see below).

September 2003, Rwanda – Princess of Wales Memorial Foundation, Evaluation of Social and Economic Development Project End of project evaluation; socio-economic and environmental issues impacting on rural community development. An assessment of the sustainability of the livelihoods (small agro-based businesses) supported by the project.

July 2003, Romania Gold mining – Social Impact Assessment; a Public/Private Sector Partnership between the Romania Gov. and GMGC (working through United Research Services) A monitoring and evaluation of Social Impact Assessment of mining project in transitional society of Romania with particular focus on the resettlement action plan and socio-economic (livelihoods) issues of the communities influenced by the mining as well as general regional economic development impacts.  Project assessed for the production of a Resettlement Action Plan to meet World Bank/IFC and EU standards.

March, April, May, June 2003, United Research Services Monitoring and coordinating Iraq Reconstruction and Development for public private sector collaboration. Included co-ordination/consultation with Iraqi representatives and UK Trade Partners

February 2003, UK based for DeLoittes/URS response to DFID policy development - EITI

Research that contributed to the extractive industries and development policy to ensure transparency – component supported by DfID. The input pertained to conflict surrounding the extraction of mineral and other natural resources in Africa (focus on issues of conflict diamonds issues pertaining to Central Africa, Congo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and oil). The response provided/supported policy recommendations for the development of EITI.

January 2003, UK based. A DFID research project – the En/Poverty Series Identification of relationship between poverty, education and infrastructure development particularly electrification in schools in order to improve capacity for sustainable livelihoods (physical assets).

December 2002, Sudan Training on Livelihood Systems Analysis in ‘Shock/Stress’ Vulnerability Context.  A EuronAid initiative for NGO participants to ensure appropriate support to post conflict Southern Sudan  Social Development Capacity building for NGOs- Issues covered included household and community analysis in conflict, post conflict and transitional societies (with training in gender and social network analysis for access and control of resources), livelihood assessments and capacity building in early warning systems for communities/households of particular vulnerability.

November 2002, South Africa, DFID Infrastructure Reconstruction for Socio-economic development

A Social & economic analysis of post-apartheid energy development impact on micro-enterprises. A comparative analysis of livelihood post conflict reconstruction between Africa & Asia (see Oct 2002)

October 2002, Manila, Philippines, DFID/Asian Development Bank

An analysis of Asia focused resettlement issues, resources sharing and community/stakeholder participation in sustainable livelihoods asset enhancement as part of a survey of energy and poverty linkages – positive & negative impacts of energy and sustainable infrastructure/community development.

September 2002, Rwanda, DFID Production of a higher education strategy/Project Memorandum for DFID to support the Rwandan Center for Technology Transfer to develop community SME initiatives and socio-economic development. Focus of sustainable rural livelihoods and rural community development.

July 2002, Ethiopia Provided Training on Livelihood Systems Analysis.  A EuronAid initiative for NGO participants Social Development Lecturer - Issues covered on course included household and community analysis (with training in social analysis), livelihood assessments and capacity building.