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Information Systems, Environmental Assessment, GIS and spatial analysis, Protected Areas, Conservation, and International Development

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Phone: 01364 661183

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An environment and information system specialist with over 30 years experience. Takes a holistic viewpoint integrating environmental, social and economic information. Experienced in Environmental Assessment (EIA), the design and maintenance of web-sites/CDs for information and project support, information systems, GIS, remote sensing, protected area planning, and evaluation of research concepts and project proposals for international agencies. Activities have also included: Aerial surveys; Aerial wildlife census; Analysis of illegal hunting / poaching in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania; Environment assessment of water supplies and hydropower in Indonesia and Kenya; GIS and National Park planning in Bosnia-Herzegovina; Spatial analysis for contaminated land assessment in UK; CD toolboxes or information systems on Livestock in Development. Interests include Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, and impacts of Peak Oil. Also has experience in woodland management and monitoring of Hazel Dormouse populations. Now retired, UK-based but available for home-based assessments.


Knowledge management, Internet/CD-ROM based Information Systems, Web-site design and maintenance,

Evaluation of project proposals and concept notes. Programme Monitoring and evaluation,

Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), incl. Energy, Water Resources & Contaminated Land,

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), spatial analysis, remote sensing,

Protected Area planning and “Park-People” interactions,

Conservation Ecology, Biodiversity Inventory,

Wildlife and livestock surveys. Land use assessment,

Spatial modelling, particularly related to conservation, environmental assessment and multi-disciplinary data sources. Integration of environmental, social and economic factors,

Document editing and compilation using Microsoft Office software, html, and LaTeX.

VoIP, web conferencing, Peer-to-Peer collaboration, telecommuting, etc.

QUALIFICATIONS (and membership of professional bodies)
  BSc (Hons) Zoology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 1976
  PhD, University of Exeter, Devon, England, 1983
  Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka,
  Bosnia-Herzegovina, Russian Federation, Ukraine, UK.
Document creation using MS Office, html, PDF, including graphics and artwork.
MS Office Suite (incl. Office 2007), MS Visio, MS Project, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Paintshop, MapInfo, Idrisi, Vertical Mapper, Surfer, ArcView, Concept Mapping, Mond Mapping, Genealogy, and more…

Development and maintenance of web sites. Information systems on CD-ROM.

  English (Mother tongue)
  Swahili - good
  July 2001 – (present) Independent
  1994 – July 2001 Principal Scientist, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4TB, UK.
  1989 – 1993 Project Officer with Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)
  1986 – 1989 Project Officer with World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  1983 – 1986 Senior consultant, EcoSystems Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya


Evaluation of project proposals, research proposals, and/or reports for a number of organisations, including: Research Council of Norway, EU, and DFID.

UK-based 2007 - 2009 Support on communications and development related knowledge management for DFID Research Into Use Programme (RIU), including organisation of development oriented natural resources research information, value chains, concept mapping, as well as testing of VoIP collaboration and web conferencing tools.
UK-based 2007 - 2008 Ecological monitoring for Pesticides and Poverty. Technical assistance on questionnaire surveys within a project documenting and communicating environmental impacts, establishing capacity for ecological monitoring for Pesticides and Poverty. Remote collaboration with Ethiopia and Tanzania. Pesticide Action Network (PAN-UK).
UK-based 2007 Advisory support and preparation of guidelines on integration of an environmental strategy within the DFID Research Into Use Programme.
UK-based 2006 - 2007 Preparation of concept maps and associated documentation on constraints to the adoption of information for the DFID Research Into Use Programme.
UK & Kenya 2006 - 2007

Environmental Impact Assessment of proposed water supply dam and reservoir for Athi River Export Processing Zone (EPZA) near Nairobi, Kenya, on the border of Nairobi National Park and Kitengela Game Conservation Area.

UK-based 2006 Preparation of records for FAO’s TECA database (Technology for Agriculture - Proven technologies for smallholders) based on validated technologies from the DFID Livestock Production and Animal Health Programmes (LPP, AHP). Copy editing, compilation, and preparation of records for uploading to FAO’s TECA web site, of records from DFID’s LPP, AHP, CPHP, CPP, AFGRP, FMSP, NRSO, PHFRP, and PSP programmes.
UK & Kenya 2005 - 2008 Environmental monitoring of Sondu-Miriu hydropower development, Western Kenya. Scope of work and planning for annual socio-economic surveys and transmission line survey. Analysis and evaluation of monitoring data from environment, physical, chemical, health, and assessment of socio-economic surveys. Compilation of environmental monitoring reports. Spatial analysis and recommendations for design of rural water supply. (Nippon Koei, JBIC).
UK based: 2004 - 2006
Use of information and knowledge management. Smallstock in Development: Development and compilation of a knowledge “toolbox” and information system on sheep, goats, poultry and other smallstock, targeted at poor livestock keepers in developing countries. Support for additional livestock information systems on Draft Animal Power, and Livestock in Challenging Environments. Use of web design, concept mapping and html for delivery of fully searchable livestock development information in CD-ROM format. (NR International Ltd., Livestock Production Programme, DFID).
UK based: 2004

Evaluation expert for proposals to EU on “B7-6200”: Environment and tropical forests in developing countries

Tanzania: 2004
Evaluation of Swedish Support to the Environment Sector of Tanzania. Assessment of Sida's support to the National Environment Management Council (NEMC), Minor Environmental Support, and draft Environmental Management bill which provides a new framework for environmental management in Tanzania.
UK based: 2003 - 2004
GIS inputs to water resources planning programme in Khuzestan province, Iran.
UK based,
2002 - 2004
External supervision of Tanznaian PhD student working on wildlife conservation and the social and economic interactions between protected areas and adjacent rural settlements. Including visits to Tanzania.
UK based: 2002 - 2003
Member of multi-disciplinary and multi-national team involved in contaminated land assessment and development of new instrumentation. GIS and spatial analysis; assessment and validation of GPS & EGNOS Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for site sampling procedures. Data and software specification/design. EUREKA (EU & UK:DTI) project.
UK based: 2003
Creation of search facility on CD-ROM for Portuguese version of information system on Livestock and the Environment (Livestock and Environment Toolbox). FAO.
Indonesia 2001 - 2002
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of feasibility studies for hydropower and water supply development on Brantas River, Java. Development of work plans and TORs for local consultants. Creation of GIS base maps. Spatial analysis using GIS. Validation of GPS ground Survey and creation of Digital Elevation Models (DEM). Water Quality Assessment. Field work, Impact assessment and report compilation. Nippon Koei / JBIC.
Bosnia-Herzegovina 2002
Forest management planning study: Preparation of the management plan of Sutjeska National Park. Work involved development of GIS-based biodiversity mapping, terrain modelling (DEM) and habitat inventory for Sutjeska national park and adjacent areas. Scandiaconsult Natura, Sweden, & World Bank.
Regional 2001 - 2002
Second phase of management and development of www.nssd.net web site of National Strategies for Sustainable Development (NSSD). Collaborative project with IIED. DFID.
UK 2001
Environmental Assessment. Provision of GIS and spatial analytical services for contaminated land analysis connected with electric power transformers – incl. heavy metals; spatial interpolation of sample data, recommendations and reporting.
UK 2001
Technical support to UK-based NGO, Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa (PENHA). Concept and initial design of Internet based information system for promotion and dissemination of information on pastoralism and the environment.
Tanzania 1998- 2001
Team leader of research programme on Sustainable Use of Wildland Resources: Ecological, Social and Economic Interactions. Linking ecological, social, economic and conservation investigations to examine social and economic development problems, environmental sustainability, and the conservation of biodiversity in protected areas. Targeting rural poverty whilst decreasing the impact of illegal meat poaching on the Serengeti ecosystem of northern Tanzania.
Russian Federation 2001
Project scoping study: Biodiversity Conservation Centre, Moscow. Focusing on project preparation for development of a biodiversity information system for Russia incorporating GIS and Internet-based decision support systems.
UK based
Development of web-site and CD-ROM based information system for dissemination of information on National Strategies for Sustainable Development (nssd). DFID funded collaborative project with International Institute of Environment and Development (IIED). Material distributed on CD-ROM and on the Internet at www.nssd.net.
UK based,
Sri Lanka
1999 - 2001
World Commission on Dams. Multi-disciplinary study. Natural resource use and environmental assessment components of a project developing guidelines for artificial flood releases from dams/reservoirs to maintain downstream wetland ecosystems and dependant livelihoods. Field Visit to Mahaweli basin, Sri Lanka. Outputs WCD and World Bank. DFID.
& UK
1999 - 2000
Development of strategy for utilisation of information systems and GIS in Carpathian Mountains National Park within the framework of the EU-TACIS funded Carpathian Transfrontier Environmental Network. Short-term visits. Equipment specification, bid evaluation, and design of training programme.
UK based
Development of Internet “toolbox” concept, web-page design, PSR framework and Environmental Assessment component of Livestock and Environment Toolbox - a practical guide for policy makers, planners and project leaders responsible for promoting and implementing livestock development programmes. FAO funded joint programme with NRI/CIRAD/IAC. Available on CD-ROM and on the Internet. www.fao.org/lead. Compilation of Spanish and French translations to CD-ROM.
Finalist in the World Bank Development Marketplace: “Poverty Reduction Knowledge Assessment Toolbox".
Sri Lanka 1997
Installation of Global Positioning System (GPS) community base station. Training local staff from Mahaweli Basin Authority in basics of GPS, field use, as well as use of base station and roving receivers, differential correction and transfer of GPS data to and integration with GIS system and environmental data.
Botswana 1996 - 2000
UK-based project manager, and inputs to DFID supported project of assistance to the Dept. of Meteorological Services. Support for NOAA satellite receiver providing environmental information and early warning. Member of team developing improved environmental information products, including vegetation status, fire monitoring and drought early warning.
Botswana 1995 - 1999
Information systems development and advisor on GIS and remote sensing for the Botswana Rangeland Inventory and Monitoring Project piloting a national model for rangeland inventory & monitoring. Development of GIS metadatbase and project information system.
Kenya 1995 - 1998
Member of JICA Study Team on Phases II and III of JICA funded programme, with Nippon Koei, Japan. Responsible for Environmental Impact Assessment component of Feasibility Study for hydropower development on the Tana River: Mutonga and Grand Falls dams. Data analysis, report writing. Scoping and TORs, overseeing subcontracted parties. Work included site impact of reservoir and associated structures and impacts on downstream hydrology, river morphology, livelihoods and land use associated with changed flooding patterns and questions of sediment retention.
Malawi 1997
Issues in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Monitoring in Tsetse Control Areas. Presentation of discussion document on “Remote Sensing and GIS Decision Support Tools: Applications for Wildlife and Range Management in Tsetse Control Areas”.
Kenya 1996 & 1997
Team leader: environmental assessment of Lake Nakuru water supply and sanitation study. UK based Co-ordination of NRI inputs to multi-disciplinary study examining environmental impacts on protected area and World Heritage site
Namibia 1994 & 1995
Support and technical input to GIS and remote sensing at Etosha Ecological Institute (EEI), Etosha National Park. User-friendly GIS system supporting management capacity and needs. Environmental monitoring methodology and technology transfer to EEI and Namibian Weather Bureau using NOAA AVHRR satellite imagery.
Zambia 1994 & 1995
Support for technology transfer and implementation of environmental monitoring methodologies. Meteorological Department and Tsetse Project.
Tanzania 1989 - 1993

Project Officer and Team Leader, Tanzania Wildlife Conservation Monitoring (TWCM). Based in Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania. A co-operative programme with Serengeti Wildlife Research Institute, Tanzania National Parks, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and the Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Tourism, Natural Resources and Environment. Establishment of TWCM as a long-term wildlife monitoring programme. Major activities included:

  • Planning, analysis and reporting of aerial wildlife censuses in national parks and game reserves.
  • Development of software for analysis of low-level aerial survey data.
  • Support for national park ecologist, Serengeti. Interaction with National Park management in Serengeti and elsewhere in Tanzania, including questionnaires for the recording and analysis of law enforcement patrol data in Serengeti National Park.
  • Development, installation and maintenance of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for natural resource, wildlife census and conservation related data.
  • Contributions to national park planning in Serengeti, Tarangire, Manyara and Ruaha N.P., including lead author of Serengeti National Park management plan.
Tanzania 1986 - 1989
Project Officer, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Serengeti Ecological Monitoring Programme (SEMP). Based in Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania. Wildlife monitoring, aerial surveys, habitat survey, meteorological information, database development
Kenya 1983 -1986

Senior consultant, EcoSystems Ltd., Nairobi. Major studies included:

  • EIA: Tana Delta: Impact assessment of proposed 25,000 ha irrigated rice scheme. Impact assessment of proposed dam on the Thika River.
  • Integrated Land Use Survey of Western Kenya, 40,000 km2 & over 400 land use / cover variables. Field survey, reporting, computer database and software development.
  • Land use and natural resources studies in Kiambu, Muranga, Kakamega, & Machakos Districts.
Kenya 1983
Member of Royal Geographic Society (RGS) Kora research project, conducting Tana River fish survey. Over 1,500 fish samples. Compilation of checklist of fishes of the Tana River.
UK 1981 to 1982
Postgraduate student, University of Exeter. Ph.D. thesis: General Biology and Feeding Ecology of the White breasted Cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo lucidus (Lich.) on Lake Malawi
Malawi 1978 - 1980
Technical co-operation officer, ODA, with Department of Fisheries on Lake Malawi. Investigation of diet of cormorants and impact of cormorants on small scale and commercial fishing operations.
Kenya 1976 - 1977
Research on suitability of endemic fish species (Tilapia) for aquaculture at Bamburi, Mombasa, Kenya. Studies on growth, feeding, pellet food, breeding, hybridisation and artificial incubation of fish eggs and larvae. Design and building of a pilot scale intensive fish culture system
Kenya 1976

Member of the Royal Geographic Society Tana River Expedition. Aquatic bird census. Museum specimen collection of birds of riverine woodland along over 800 km of the Tana River.


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More at: www.campbell.eu.com