theNRgroup provides a valuable contact point for consultancy services in the natural resources sector.

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The Natural Resources Group, theNRgroup, is an association of independent development professionals who collaborate to undertake and contribute expertise to natural resources projects and activities. The group provides high quality solutions to today's natural resources management problems in a cost effective and timely manner.

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Forest Resources Land Use Planning: Hydropower Environmental Assessment
Agriculture & Farming Systems GIS & Remote Sensing Biodiversity & Protected Areas
Water Resources Social Assessment Community Development

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Critical Development Issues
Go to Peak OilPeak OilGo to Peak Oil
The proven oil reserves are very likely to more or less run out within about 40 years. Unless alternative sources of energy and raw materials are developed and widely used as standard practice well before that date, the current lifestyles enjoyed by people the World over will no longer be possible. Read More
Climate Change
Global temperature change 1880-2008Go to Peak Oil

Climate scientists agree.
Climate Change is a fact.
We are experiencing it now
The combination of Peak Oil and Climate Change
will have major impacts

Visual Literacy Resources: Illustrations for Development Go to Peak Oil

This valuable resource includes copyright free illustrations used in development projects around the world. The value and accessibility of development literature can be increased immensely by appropriate artwork. In some cases, illustrations are the only way of getting a message across. ... downloads available

Illustrations for DevelopmentIllustrations for DevelopmentIllustrations for DevelopmentGo to Peak Oil


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